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Design and Installation

Design and Consulting Services

"Anybody that cares about cinema or music or any of these kinds of art forms becomes concerned about the quality of the presentation."  ---George Lucas

Everything starts with you and an initial free consultation. It is critical for us to know how your custom home theater is affected by three important customer factors: lifestyle, expectations, and budget. These essential factors define the parameters of the project, and are the root of "custom" design. Consulting service is the core of all the Cinema-Pro Home Theatre Services and is critcal to successful design, execution, and customer satisfaction. We ask a lot of questions and listen to you long and carefully before beginning.

When your home theatre system is designed and installed by Cinema-Pro Home Theatre it maximizes the investment in the components and equipment that you purchase, and it performs in a beautiful environment. Utilizing the same meticulous planning and execution as is utilized for the professional THX Certified Cinema, Cinema-Pro Home Theatre provides a home theatre or media room with the same spectacular experience.

Your home theater system will be in the hands of a THX, ISF, and HAA-trained and certified professional. It will have the hands-on care and expertise of a true cinema professional with two decades of experience in Hollywood motion picture production (see About Us)). Our founder and president oversees every phase of your project, and will leave no stone unturned to ensure that your custom home theater or media room system provides a spectacular and faithful performance, just as he would require for one of his own feature films.

Design and installation services are available for new or remodel construction, and we happily work with your architect, interior designer, builder, cabinet builder...or just you. Cinema-Pro Home Theatre takes the worry out of the task of new or remodel construction by monitoring the entire project to ensure that the aesthetic and technical goals of your home theatre are achieved.

Do your home theater plans include a family room media system using a direct view flat panel display? Your lifestyle and decor in that room will very strongly affect the design of the media system. It will be designed and installed to perform to meet your expectations, but also fit beautifully with the way you will live in and use the room. Of course the television/display and surround sound system will be superb, but we also are happy to design lighting for media rooms, and of course dedicated front projection rooms.

We also provide and program the remote control system that will fit your viewing and listening preferences, and be easy to use.

It is always very advantageous to try to involve us in your dreams at the early stage of design of the room. We principally work with you, but are happy to communicate with your architect and builder. You are welcomed to call to make an appointment to meet to discuss your media/home theater plans.

If you are planning a front projection system and/or dedicated theater, please select the button below to jump to that page.

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